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Deaths of two men whose bodies were found in Athens under investigation

By Joe Johnson

Authorities are investigating the deaths of two men whose bodies were found on consecutive days this week in Athens.

There were no indications of foul play being the cause of either death, officials said.

The first body was found Monday in a car parked at the Sandy Creek Nature Center.

It was identified as belonging to 51-year-old Morris Benjamin Bullock of Hull.

Police reportedly found a piece of burned aluminum foil, with Bullock's identification, cell phone and other belongings.

Athens-Clarke County Coroner Sonny Wilson said that foul play was not suspected, and he ordered an autopsy be conducted at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Crime Lab to determine the cause of death.

The second body was found Tuesday morning by employees in a car the parking lot of Walmart on Lexington Road.

The body was identified as the that of 44-year-old John D. Forbes Jr. of Athens.

Wilson said an autopsy was planned in that case as well.

"No known medical history so far," the coroner said.

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Check out the news in Asheville, NC. "Quality of life" is the issue.

The liberals in Asheville wanted a smaller police force. Now the common theme regarding the drug addicted homeless involves "how long it takes the police to arrive"; in other words it takes too long.

The drugged homeless have figured-out that Asheville is free to move about. The downtown business owners don't feel safe and the customers are waning. (also true in San Francisco). The local liberal population was fine with the homeless when the situation was kept in-check. They reminisce about the days when the homeless were friendly and grateful. Now the druggies are aggressive and dangerous. Well, Now that it is striking too close to hom…



I just read on NextDoor about a body possibly being found near the new publix on Jefferson Rd. Any word about that one?


I have the solution. It is the most demanding and costly solution to the drug problem.. PARENTS!

PARENTS need to be responsible for the upbringing of their own children. PARENTS need to teach their children the difference between right and wrong. PARENTS need to provide love and security. PARENTS need to be the good example. And PARENTS need to show their children the consequences of poor choices; there are plenty of examples in the Athens area.

If PARENTS don't do their job, we all have quality of life issues.

We each have the right to make poor decisions. "Don't you tell me what to do!"

Great, do your thing; but I am not paying for it. And if you en…


That is too funny. If asking parents to act like parents is "hate" or "racism" then yes I am spewing. Illegal drugs are illegal because they are harmful to the user and society. Laws are in place to protect society and the stupid.

Further, it should not be too much to ask people to be responsible for their own actions.

You like to bring-up the exception, "the accident victim who is addicted", I agree that scenario is tragic.

Most addicted drug users are recreational users addicted to illegal and dangerous drugs; totally their own decision.

And I maintain: there is NOTHING normal about addiction to illegal drugs.


Both have Clarke county criminal- drug convictions.


No free passes for them Cesspool, sorry. My things are my things period. I haven't killed anyone. If they get killed in the process of stealing, that's on them, not me.

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