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Federal legislation bears fruit

Good news! A whole lot of highly advanced chip manufacturing will soon happen in the U.S. Who knows maybe Georgia will be a future site. TSMC, the world’s largest contract chipmaker, makes the chips that power iPhones and a host of other products has announced that it is tripling its investment in new manufacturing facilities in the United States. It’s one thing to make chips here, but it’s real important to make leading-edge chips. Right now, virtually all the state-of-art chips are made in Taiwan or Korea. Diversifying that supply base is critical for both economic and national security. TSMC is planning to pour $40 billion into two manufacturing facilities in Phoenix, growing our economy and creating good-paying jobs. That will be one of the largest foreign direct investments in U.S. history. The CHIPS and Science Act, a bi-partisan piece of legislation pushed by the Biden Administration and supported by Georgia Senators Warnock & Ossoff, made this feat possible. Take that, China! And to the Georgia House Republicans that voted against this legislation, Bah Humbug! Peggy Perkins


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