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Fundraiser to help Athens family recover from devastating Easter morning fire

By Joe Johnson

A Gofundme campaign has been launched by an Athens woman whose family lost literally everything when a fire destroyed their house on the west side of town.

Tyquonna Niles was visiting her father in the hospital early Easter morning when the fire ripped through her home on Field Street.

Fortunately at the time, her 2-year-old son, Chailand Cornejo, was at the home of his aunt for the holiday.

Chailand Cornejo

"We lost everything in this fire: paperwork, clothes, obituaries of family members, shoes... I can go on for the list is long." Tyquonna said.

"Life has not always been great for me," she said. "but with a praying Grandmother & Aunt who cared for me when my parents couldn’t. I always remained gracious and humble for

Tyquonna Niles

everything . I lost my mom very young and my father is hospitalized & now I have now lost my home , but glory to God not my mind."

Anyone wishing for contribute can do so by following this link

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