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Lisa Lott appointed first female Western Judicial Circuit chief judge

The Superior Court of the Western Judicial Circuit announces Lisa Lott as its next chief judge, effective May 1, 2024.

In a unanimous vote by the Circuit’s judges Lott was chosen to succeed outgoing Chief Judge Eric Norris, who has served in that position since 2020.

"We are proud to have Judge Lott serve as our next Chief Judge and first female Chief Judge," Norris said. "My fellow judges and I believe she will continue to effectively represent the Western Judicial Circuit and support the many programs and services that the courts offer to assist those in the criminal justice system including our accountability courts, law library and other programs. Her years of government service demonstrates her commitment to the rule of law and her faith in our local community."

Lott has served on the bench since she was elected in 2019. Prior to that she elected, served 18 years as an assistant public defender for the Western Circuit.

"I am honored by the trust and support of my fellow judges,” Lott said. “I remain committed to ensuring an effective independent and accessible justice system for our community.”

She added, "I would like to further express my deep thanks to Chief Judge Norris for his four years of steadfast leadership, most of which were during the pandemic. He weathered us through court closures, virtual court proceedings, lean budgets and more, all with calm and dignity. I am thankful to work with Judge Norris along with Judge Lawton Stephens and Judge Patrick Haggard to be part of a wonderful team of jurists and colleagues."

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