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Gang member wanted for murder was working at UGA’s Sanford Stadium when arrested

Jacquavious "Glokboy” Smith

By Joe Johnson

A member of an Athens street gang was working for the University of Georgia when arrested for murder this week at Sanford Stadium.

Jacquavious Smith allegedly is a member of the Red Tape Gang, who in April 2020 fatally shot 19-year-old Brynarius Smith outside of the victim's home in the Nellie B Homes apartment complex.

Authorities allege that he and fellow gang member Shamon Elder Jr. shot Smith multiple times.

Shamon Elder Jr.

The defendants are charged in an indictment that was returned Tuesday by a Clarke County Superior Court grand jury after a presentment of evidence by a prosecutor with the state Attorney General’s Gang Prosecution Unit.

The indictment charge the suspects as being members of the Red Tape Gang, which has been described by the AG's gang unit as a local hybrid criminal street gang with ties to major national Bloods, including Sex Money Murder and the Rollin’ 20s.

The fatal shooting of Brynarius Smith was in violation of the Georgia Street Gang Terrorism Prevention Act, the indictment states.

Brynarius Smith

Bench warrants were immediately issued with the indictments. Elder was served at the county jail, where he has been incarcerated since August on unrelated charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Jacquavious Smith was arrested Tuesday afternoon at Sanford Stadium, according to the UGA Police Department.

He is said to have been employed there as a janitorial worker

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I'm often confused as to why we have these fancy laws like the Georgia Street Gang Terrorism Prevention Act. Really? There's gonna be less of these murders now that there is a silly law? Murder is murder! It reminds me of hate-crime laws. Writing laws that make crimes sound worse doesn't reduce crimes. These thugs don't read the news. Wanna reduce crime? Build huge jails and hand-down long ugly sentences.


Shhhh.... Don't tell the parents of the UGA students.....It could hurt enrollment.


Nothing to see here. How is Beck looking? I sure like his new car! Who's the fastest on the team (oh don't get worked up over fast cars, y'all are just jealous!) Debbie needs let him go, we need Sanford looking great! Who knows, some attendees might need to "score" at the game and side gigs are good for the economy. Go dawgs!


"Glokboy". I love it.

At the stadium he was known as "Broomboy."

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