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Gwinnett PD retires K-9 Jekel after career-ending surgery

The Gwinnett County Police Department is honoring the service of K9 Jekel as he heads into retirement.

Jekel joined the department in September 2018 and was assigned to Cpl. Jason Woodard #1323. The two quickly became a bonded pair both on and off duty.

In late 2023, Cpl. Woodard noticed that Jekel was struggling with one of his rear legs. Following a recent surgery, medical professionals suggested that K9 Jekel begin to seek retirement. Accommodations are in place for K9 Jekel to live out the remainder of his life with his best friend, Cpl. Woodard.

During his five years of service, the duo made a substantial impact on the department’s efforts to make the community a safer place to work, play, and live. During his career, K9 Jekel was deployed 299 times, resulting in 51 apprehensions, 36 narcotics apprehensions, and the recovery of 45 items of evidence in cases.

Some of Jekel’s note-worthy cases involve:

  • 2018: 5,000+ grams of methamphetamine recovered

  • 2021: 500 grams of cocaine recovered

  • 2022: 5 kilos of methamphetamine recovered

  • 2022: 228 grams of fentanyl and 787 grams of methamphetamine recovered, In addition to the abovementioned cases, Jekel has assisted in placing numerous violent criminals behind bars and helped locate several missing persons.

K9 Jekel was a significant contributor to upholding our Mission Statement, which states, “The Gwinnett County Police Department is committed to serving the community through the delivery of professional law enforcement services in an unbiased and compassionate manner in order to protect the lives and property of the citizens and improve the quality of life in our community.” We wish him a restful retirement.

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