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How were the lost Oglethorpe County mail-in ballots discovered?

The lost absentee ballots from Oglethorpe County were found with the help of the U.S. Postal Service and the Georgia Secretary of State's office. Here's what happened:


About 200 mailed ballots were located by the USPS and are being sent out again.

Communication with Authorities:

Election officials and the Secretary of State's office confirmed the recovery and processing of the ballots.

Handling by USPS:

The Postal Service stated that the ballots were mishandled within their system, causing a delay but never left their custody.

Reason for Delay:

The USPS noted the delay was due to ongoing improvements. A new regional processing and distribution center in Palmetto might have also caused mail delays across north Georgia.

The recovery of these ballots occurs as concerns about mail delays grow, particularly with the upcoming local and state elections on May 21.

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Yup, definitely worse. When a payment sent, arrived 2 months later....!!

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I believe the post office is supported by the Constitution and should not be in the shape it's in today. Interference with our votes should justify a federal investigation into its administration.

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Contestando a

Federal investigation? Setting the fox to guard the hen house.

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