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7 teens charged in Athens shooting, attempted robbery

Jadario Dashon Hill

By Joe Johnson

Athens-Clarke County police have charged seven teens in connection with an attempted robbery two months ago in which the victim was shot.

According to police, 32-year-old Vincent Dillard said he was walking on North Harris Street at about 3:40 a.m. on July 18 when he encountered two black teens who were accompanied by three females in a vehicle, one of whom the victim knew as “Mercedes.”

Dillard said that during the robbery attempt he struggled and was shot in both legs by one of the two male suspects, according to police.

According to Capt. Christopher Nichols, commanding officer of the Criminal Investigations Division, the suspects charged for the incident were Mercedes David, 17, Jalydia Parks, 16, Taniyah Burns, 17, Zykeria Ellis, 18, Jadario Hill, 18, Jermores Ridgeway, 17, and Jamarion Wyatt, 16.

Jermores Ridgeway

All were charged with criminal attempt at armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Ridgeway had already been in custody since Sept. 9, when police said he shot 27-year-old Washington Drive resident Keyron Lenor Pass multiple times in the torso and legs at the Nellie B Homes apartment complex.

Police have not released a motive for the shooting.

In the Harris Street shooting, Nichols said that the victim had been set up to be robbed by the female suspects, and he was shot after he refused to give up his money.

He said that Detective Scott Black was able to obtain warrants on Sept. 21 for all seven suspects after reviewing surveillance footage, receiving information from the public, and interviewing the involved parties.

Ridgeway, who Nichols said was believed to be the shooter, was arrested on Sept.8, and police on Monday continued to search for 

David, Parks, Burns, Ellis, and Wyatt, Nichols said.

Though juveniles, Parks and Wyatt have been charged as adults, he said.

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