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Alleged Athens dealer with stolen rifle arrested after being stopped for distracted driving

Cutler Evan Glenn
Cutler Evan Glenn

By Joe Johnson

A suspected dealer was recently arrested in possession of drugs and a stolen rifle after his van was stopped due to him driving while using a cellphone, according to an Athens-Clarke County police report.

The incident occurred at about 1:40 a.m. Feb. 4 when an officer saw 32-year-old Cutler Evan Glenn looking at and using the touch screen of a cellphone as Glenn drove a van on Gaines School Road, according to the report.

After stopping the van, the officer reportedly noticed that Glenn appeared to be nervous and fidgety as he constantly looked toward the driver’s side door where the officer observed a plastic bag that contained several smaller bags typically used to package drugs.

The officer then ordered Glenn to exit the van, which the officer searched and determined the small plastic bags from the door contained heroin, according to the report. Several used syringes and a spoon with residue were also found, the report noted.

A small metal cylinder attached to Glenn’s key ring contained capsules of methamphetamine, according to the report, and the officer also found a wrapper containing amphetamine pills, several alprazolam pills, digital scales, sandwich bags and $200 cash in small-denomination bills.

The officer also located a box with magnets, a type of container that is used to transport drugs while the container is attached underneath vehicles, according to the police report.

“Mr. Glenn was clearly a (drug) user, but due to the variety and quantity in combination with the cash, scales and packaging materials, I believe he also distributes drugs,” the officer wrote in his report.

A Norinco SKS semiautomatic rifle that was in the van was determined to have been stolen in a burglary on the west side of town, according to the report. The rifle was returned to its owner, the report noted.

Glenn was charged with three counts of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine, possession of a firearm during the commission of certain felonies, possession and use of drug-related objects, first-degree burglary, and distracted driving.

Glenn, who was booked into the Clarke County Jail under the College Avenue address of a defense attorney who previously represented him, continued to be held without bail being set as of Tuesday morning.

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