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How should you vote — by mail or in person?

Georgians are wrestling with how to cast their ballot.  The pandemic could be deadly to many, so how can you exercise your right to vote in one of the most important elections in history?

Don’t panic. Georgians can vote safely either with an absentee ballot or by voting in person early.  If you decide to vote by mail, you can do it now.  Many people have already requested an absentee ballot.  You can still do that ( and get it in plenty of time to drop it in a secure drop box.  For people over 65 or at high-risk, absentee ballots are the safest and the surest option.  In Georgia, absentee ballots will be scanned ahead of time but not tabulated until after polls close on November 3.  Furthermore, if you drop your absentee ballot off early, you can check its status on the My Voter Page (  If there’s a problem, you can rectify it before the deadline.

If you are not at high-risk, you can safely vote early all over Georgia.  Boards of Elections have worked hard to make precincts accessible and safe.  Early voting starts October 12, so consider that day your Election Day.  Consider November 3 the last day to vote.  Voting early lets you avoid lines and potential crowds.

It is important that you vote.  Whether you vote by mail or vote early beginning on October 12, just do it!

Joan Curtis


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Nov 19, 2020

Please vote!

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