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Trove of artifacts may be under Athens Confederate monument

By Joe Johnson

When workers remove the Confederate memorial from its prominent place in downtown Athens, they might find a time capsule containing a trove of artifacts dating to the late 19th century.

The Athens Banner published on May 19, 1891, featured a front-page story entitled, “In the Monument,” with the sub-headline of “Mr. William King Recalls Every Artifact that was Laid to Rest in memory of the Lost Cause Under the Corner Stone of Our Monument – The Full List.”

 The Ladies Memorial Association erected the memorial in 1871-1872 in memory of Confederate soldiers from Athens who died in the Civil War. Originally located in the center of the College Avenue and Washington Street intersection, it was moved to East Broad Street in 1912.

It became a focal point of local Black Lives Matter protests in the aftermath of the killing in May of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, by police in Minneapolis, and similar recent officer-involved deaths of black people.

Local activists had called for the monument's removal because it stood for the oppression of Black Americans under the Confederacy.

County commissioners in June voted to relocate the obelisk-shaped monument to an area off Macon Highway, the site of the only Civil War skirmish known to have occurred in Athens.

It is unknown if the time capsule moved with the monument in 1912, but Athens Mayor Kelly Girtz said, “The work crew is aware of the possibility of materials buried under the monument, and will preserve anything found.”

The Athens Banner article from 129 years ago begins by stating, “It is interesting at this season of the year when decoration day thoughts are still in the minds of Athenians to study the past, observing always how earnestly the Ladies Memorial Association has sought in every way to honor the dead heroes of the Confederacy, who sleep in Oconee Cemetery.”

The story mentions how Dr. William King, a longtime resident of Athens who served several terms as Master of Mt. Vernon Lodge, F.A.M., laid the memorial’s cornerstone and furnished the newspaper with the following list of articles placed within the cornerstone:

  • Constitution of the Confederate States.

  • List of all the volunteer forces from Georgia.

  • List of general officers in the army of the Confederate States.

  • Accounts of important battles fought during the war.

  • Organization of Cobb’s Legion under the command of T.R.R. Cobb.

  • Confederate state band, with muster roll of Capt. E.P. Lumpkin’s artillery Company and a roll of Confederate money.

  • Order of funeral exercises of Gen. Howell Cobb.

  • Message to those who shall come after us, by the President of the Memorial Association.

  • An address delivered by Mr. A. Mitchell on the corner stone of the monument to the Confederate dead.

  • Officers of the present government of Athens with some of the ordinances of the said town.

  • List of Athens Fire Company No.1, also of Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company No.1.

  • Catalogue of the University of Georgia and a copy of the Southern Watchman.

  • Master roll of Captain J.E. Rich’s company.

  • A musket lock, and set of brass gun mountings manufactured by the Confederate States Armory of Cook and Brother of this place.

  • A selection of business cards printed on lace paper; with an assortment of Confederate States currency, and State of Georgia war money.

  • A copy of the Georgian Collegian and along with it a policy of insurance in the Georgia Mansonic Mutual Life Insurance Company, and one army parole.

  • List of officers and Patriarchs of Oli-Encampment No 15 I. O.O.F.

  • List of officers and members of Williams Lodge No. 15 I.O.O.F. with a copy of constitution and by-laws.

  • A copy of the Southern Banner.

  • List of companies from Athens in Confederate service, the Troup Artillery, Athens Guards, Calvary Company Capt. Deloney, Captain Grady's Company, Mell Rifles.

  • A small battle flag.

  • Account of the battle of Manassas by Mr. Russell, correspondent of the London Times.

  • A list of officers and privates of the Troup Artillery from the time of entering the Confederate army until the surrender of Gen. Robert E. Lee.

  • List of officers and members of Mt. Vernon Lodge No. 22 F. and A. M. printed on lead.

  • Programme of Memorial Association.

Mayor Girtz on Tuesday said it had yet to be decided what would be done with any artifacts found during removal of the Confederate memorial.

Work on dismantling the monument began Monday night and continued in Tuesday morning.

The monument will be placed in storage until it is moved to the site of the Civil War skirmish.

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