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UGA students robbed at gunpoint when trying to make transaction of item marketed on Facebook

Studio 51 Condominiums was the site of an armed robbery of two UGA students Thursday night

By Joe Johnson

Two University of Georgia students reportedly were robbed at gunpoint at their East Campus housing complex Thursday night when they met with someone who they thought was purchasing a video game console from them.

According to an Athens-Clarke County police report, the male and female students, both 30, stated they used Facebook Marketplace to advertise a PlayStation 5 console they were selling and that they received a message from a profile by the name of “Myron” expressing interest in buying the item and they arranged to meet at the students’ complex, Studio 51 Condominiums.

The victims were approached at the designated meeting point by a Black male who attempted to use a smartphone application to pay them, but the students believed he was just trying to fake it, according to the report.

Another Black male then came from the back side of their home, and another exited the gold/beige Chevrolet Equinox that they arrived in.

According to the report, one of the males pointed a handgun at them, and another pointed a rifle, takin the gaming console and fleeing in the Equinox.

The suspects were described as being young, with one about 14 years old, and they all wore shorts, with one wearing a red beanie cap and another wearing a blue beanie.

Police asked for anyone who may have witnessed suspicious activity in this area or has information regarding the incident to contact Detective Paul Johnson at or (762) 400-7060.

ACCPD issued a press release to remind people that meeting strangers for transactions involving valuable items is inherently risky. When meeting for such transactions it is best to do so in a well-lit, highly populated or public area. Additionally, the ACCPD Headquarters, located at 3035 Lexington Road, has a “Swap Spot” that is a dedicated transaction area in the front parking lot that is equipped with a camera that records 24-hours a day.

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