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Local artists transform trash into treasure at Lyndon House Arts Center exhibit

The Lyndon House Arts Center is hosting an art exhibit called 'Rescue: Waste and Redemption' from April 6 to June 26, 2024. Curated by Lizzie Zucker Saltz, the exhibit displays works from 22 artists who use everyday waste materials to create art. The goal is to change how viewers perceive waste, encouraging them to see discarded items as potential art and promoting environmental sustainability.

One key piece is 'White Walled Fountain' by Michael Webster, an assistant professor at Wofford College. His installation uses discarded materials like tires and thrift store items. Saltz highlighted this work for its innovative use of waste. Another significant work is 'Returning Star Quilt' by Adah Bennion, a first-year MFA candidate at the University of Georgia. Made from plastic bags, her piece shaped like the 'Star of Bethlehem' addresses the issue of single-use plastics and urges viewers to rethink their consumption habits.

Lyndon House Arts Center

211 Hoyt St.

Athens, GA 30601

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