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Man arrested for stabbing in dowtown Athens

Stacy Bernard Smith

By Joe Johnson

An Athens man was arrested for stabbing another man during an argument downtown Friday night.

According to police, the incident occurred at about 7:42 p.m. when 53-year-old Stacy Bernard Smith of Oak Hill Drive got into an argument with Ray Jay, 42, who reportedly is homeless, in front of the Lay-Z-Shopper convenience store on East Clayton Street.

Jay reported that he was walking away but returned to defend a female with whom Smith began to argue, at which time the suspect stabbed him.

Smith reportedly claimed that Jay had punched him in the face, but the entire incident was recorded by a surveillance camera, police said, and its video footage backed up versions of events provided to officers by the victim and a witness.

Smith was taken into custody in the area because he matched witness descriptions of the assailant, and he was arrested for aggravated assault after police viewed the video and located the knife in his possession.

Jay was treated at the scene by National EMS personnel, and Smith was taken to the county jail, where on Monday he remained without bail for his release being granted.

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BS Detector
BS Detector
08 ago 2023

Another homeless person, start sending them off, one way ticket !!

Me gusta

People this is downtown Athens. It's barely dark and people are arguing and stabbing one another. Other towns our size do not have this problem. Why are these people welcome here? Was the victim really named Ray Jay?

Me gusta
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