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Our nation’s mortal threat lies not at the border

By Bruce Menke

From earliest days, our country faced challenges to its survival and won. Once again, we face a threat which can destroy us.

In the beginning, we fought the most powerful empire on earth, the British Empire, and prevailed.

In 1812, our capitol in flames and a mighty invasion by land and sea, we saved our fragile democratic republic, the only one in the world.

Throughout the 19th century, we experienced epidemics, financial crises and natural disasters, but survived and thrived.

In 1865, we ended the national sin of slavery.

We survived the First World War, Spanish Flu, Great Depression, another World War and every challenge of the 20thcentury.

Now one individual sees his path to power as preventing our country from addressing the chaos at our borders, the Russian attack on Ukraine and the threat to our European democratic allies and the horrendous violence in the Middle East.

That individual is urging his followers in Congress to refuse to address these issues of vital importance to our nation. He boasts that the paralysis of the United States is his doing and confidently expects his supporters in Congress to prolong their inaction so that he can claim the mantel of Savior as he campaigns for re-election as president.

Our nation is facing a mortal threat. But it is not at our border.

The danger is those members of Congress whom we elected to address our nation’s urgent and pressing problems and who are now refusing to do so.

Bruce Menke is a resident of Athens

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Our countries mortal threat lies from within!

And what was in the news on ABC this morning?

Six Flags Under Georgia and 500 thugs fighting and shooting INSIDE the park and spilling out into the streets!!!!!!

This country and its youth are nothing but a continuing embarrassment!!!!


Mr. Trump's hold on the GOP (my former party) is truly unprecedented. Almost as disappointing is the political nerve he has to demand elected officials do absolutely nothing about the border to help his presidential campaign. To hell with all of them. The Dems don't have the cajones to make their senile standard bearer step down and put a real leader in his place. Yet the GOP allows a bad man to dictate their actions. The 'less than perfect' border bill that got voted down was at least something! It can always be reversed or revised, but it was SOMETHING. A plague on both your houses!


Ypu asre probsably referring to Trump when you say "That individual is urging his followers in Congress to refuse to address these issues of vital importance to our nation." I suppose you think a candidatefor President should not be allowed to comnment on proposed legisl;ation. The insane immigration bill you are referring to would allow 5000 ILLEGAL immigrants per day at the discretion of the corrept regime that current allows millions of illegals to enter the country. At the same time the Democrats in the Senate refuse to allow a vote on a House reform proposal. I guess you think thast only Democrat proposals deserve consideration. Athens just had a beautiful young woman murdered as a direct result of Se…

Replying to

We haven’t lived in a democracy in a very long time. The left and right are the same, all paid for by the lobby.


You are correct that the problem lies in the D.C. swamp. Our opinion of which individuals are the problem may vary.

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