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Possible gang-related armed robbery at Rocksprings Homes

By Joe Johnson

A 20-year-old Athens man reported that he was robbed at gunpoint at a westside public housing complex.

The victim’s recounting of the incident suggested that the crime might have been gang-related.

According to police, the incident occurred the afternoon of April 4, when the victim took a Lyft from his home on Tremont Parkway to meet someone he knew from Instagram as “Kelly” at Rocksprings Homes apartments off Baxter Street in order to sell him an Xbox 360 video game console.

While waiting for Kelly at the basketball court, the victim said he encountered a group of teens, one of whom pulled a gun and demanded that he surrender his backpack and cellphone.

The victim told police that the weapon was a Glock 17 semiautomatic pistol that had an extended ammo magazine with a red bandanna wrapped around it, a possible indication of the gunman’s gang affiliation.

Glock semiautomatic pistol with extended magazine with a 33-round capacity

The stolen iPhone 13 was valued at $500 and the game console inside the backpack was valued at $100.

The victim took a bus to downtown, where he flagged down a sheriff’s deputy outside the courthouse to report that he had been robbed.

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I call BS on this robbery. Likely had nothing to do with a stolen phone and video game. This all stinks to high heaven.


Does anyone else find it telling that the victim could identify the manufacturer and model of the handgun even with a bandana wrapped around it? Me thinks he was very familiar with personal protection. Also of interest is that Joe J. chose an image of a white hoodlum to present this story. Every person reading this story had a different image in their mind. Are we so frightened that we consciously try to change the truth?

Replying to

I stand by my statement.


Welcome to the hood.

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