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Probe of accidental shooting of UGA student continues

The University of Georgia's Chemistry Building on Cedar Street

By Joe Johnson

An investigation continued on Thursday to determine if a University of Georgia student who accidentally shot himself on campus this week will face criminal charges or administrative discipline.

William Jesse Holder, 21, of Covington “accidentally discharged his handgun into his upper left leg” shortly before 2 p.m. Tuesday in a student lounge at UGA’s Chemistry Building on Cedar Street, according to a UGA police report released Thursday morning.

How the gun was accidentally fired was not explained in the report.

A UGA police officer provided emergency first aid by applying a tourniquet at the scene and Holder was taken by ambulance for further treatment at Piedmont Athens Medical Center, according to the report.

The report noted that the handgun was secured as evidence and the incident was referred to the UGA police Criminal Investigation Division for further investigation.

UGA Public Relations Manager Rebecca Fuller Peeler said she was unable to comment on any repercussions the student may face.

“The investigation is ongoing, so I don’t have information about potential criminal charges and/or administrative discipline.” Beeler said.

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