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Public input sought for Memorial Park improvements by Sept.3

The Athens-Clarke County (ACCGov) Leisure Services Department is seeking public comment on upcoming improvements to Memorial Park’s pedestrian and vehicle access, stormwater structures, and pond area through Sunday, September 3.

A story map of options, virtual presentation, and online survey is available at

Residents will also have the opportunity to provide feedback on the improvements at drop-in sessions on Saturday, August 12 from 9:00 to 11:30 AM at the Memorial Park Picnic Shelter #2 and the Bear Hollow Zoo entrance within Memorial Park located at 293 Gran Ellen Drive. Staff will be on-site to answer questions.

The Memorial Park Improvements Project is designated as SPLOST 2020 Project #16 and is tasked with critical renovations and facility upgrades for Memorial Park. The budget is approximately $5.8 million and will fund specific projects as approved by the Mayor and Commission.

The general project location is Memorial Park, but does not include Bear Hollow Zoo, Birchmore Trail, or the dog park.

The primary focus of the Memorial Park Improvements Project is to replace failed stormwater structures hindering the park's ability to function. An increase in development around the park has increased stormwater flow, overloading the pond's capacity.

The pond and forebay – a small pool designed to slow incoming stormwater and allow sediment to settle before reaching the larger pond – now require dredging, re‐engineering, and significant repairs. Related stormwater pipes, inlets, basins, and other features also need to be partially or completely replaced to function properly. These issues impact not only the park but surrounding neighborhoods as well.

In addition to pond and forebay reconstruction, significant repairs to the pondside drive are needed to address stormwater and vehicular-pedestrian circulation issues throughout the park.

For more information, visit the Memorial Park website at or call 706-613-3801.

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Unknown member
Aug 09, 2023

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Classic City News
Classic City News
Aug 03, 2023
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I am objective, not assumptive.


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Hey... Did you post to the wrong article by chance?

I agree with other post. Have you ever rather quickly had your personal space compromised, in the dark or not, especially when numbers don't favor you? It is a very unsettling feeling especially when over those 1 or 2 seconds you start to second guess the situation.

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