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Republicans turn their backs on fight for freedom raging in Ukraine

By Bruce Menke

Minutemen were young (25 or less), selected for, "enthusiasm, reliability and physical strength", an "elite force", "the first armed militia to arrive" and, "a vital and necessary force, playing a crucial role in...the Revolutionary War".

Vladimir Putin has, by word and action, declared war on the United States and the member states of NATO. To date, Russia has spent years creating formidable capabilities to disrupt vital communications systems, develop supersonic missiles, create a killer satellite capable of destroying essential communication satellites, launched a massive invasion of Ukraine, engaged in countless atrocities against the Ukraine civilian population and destroyed its infrastructure, threatened the West with nuclear war, mobilized huge numbers of Russian troops and, according to recent intelligence reports, is planning attacks on the smallest and most vulnerable members of NATO. Putin has declared he will win because the United States lacks the will to provide military assistance to Ukraine, the absence of which is enabling Russia to dominate the battlefield in that country.

What are the Republican members of the House of Representatives, including Representative Mike Collins, doing to counter this immense threat to the  security of the United States? They are taking a vacation. They are refusing to approve the desperately needed assistance to Ukraine.

Where are Georgia's Minutemen (and Women) in 2024?

Georgians understand that, by enabling Ukraine to defend itself, we are defending the security of the United States and the members of NATO. 

Unfortunately, this apparently  does not include some members of Congress representing Georgia.

Bruce Menke resides in Athens

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4 comentarios

You need to be banned along with our presidential candidates based on age. The Minute Men are here in masses for a cause you'll never understand.

Did you ever fight in a war? How about your relatives? Maybe you should take up arms yourself!

Me gusta

ASC Group
ASC Group
22 feb

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Me gusta

Ukraine is one issue on which I part company with the Repugs. Putin MUST be stopped. Abortion is the other one. But on about any other issue I can't go with the dim wits.

Me gusta

The mind numbing ignorance of this letter is astounding

Me gusta
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