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Teens indicted for drive-by shooting that injured boy waiting for school bus

By Joe Johnson

Three teenagers have been indicted for a drive-by shooting last year that injured a boy at a westside apartment complex.

Tonio Trevant Jackson, 18, of Royal Court, Garreion Tyrekius Daniel, 19, of Catalpa Way, and Demetrius Ja’Qain Collins, 18, of Jefferson Road were each charged with aggravated assault, according to the indictment filed May 7 in Clarke County Superior Court.

Tonio Trevant Jackson
Garreion Tyrekius Daniel
Demetrius Ja’Qain Collins

The indictment alleges that on Nov. 13 the teens shot from a car at Windy Hills Apartments?on Chalfont Lane, wounding the 13-year-old victim in the leg. He reportedly had been waiting for a school bus when shot.

Police had said both the gun and Jeep that the teens used were stolen,

Authorities have not released a motive for the shooting.

All three teens are in pretrial detention without bail being set.

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TEENS! GUNS! Give me a break. I grew up in this town and have lived in NYC and Atlanta before returning home. Nothing seems more dangerous in today's world than a black teen with a gun and a grudge. That's right, I mentioned the race as I've rarely done before. Oh how I wish it were not true. Cesspool, come and defend them if you want. Criminals should be punished in a way that makes them regret their actions. Hell, their parents should be punished. A few months in jail with baggy clothes and like-minded neighbors is not a deterrent.

Replying to

Hard work is part of the way out of poverty. Read my post again. What is your solution to poverty? Government handouts? Seriously Cesspool, if you were given a magic wand to fix poverty, but you were not allowed to 'hand out' money, what would you do? In my world, poverty ends with education and work.

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