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UGA fraternity’s drive-through food pantry aids 150 families in need

Beta Upsilon Chi, a fraternity in University of Georgia's Interfraternity Council, recently held a drive-through food pantry event at their Milledge Avenue residence. The event was part of their ongoing efforts to combat food insecurity in the local community. They worked with the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia to ensure the event's success.

Fraternity president, Landon Kolby, said this was their first partnership with the Food Bank for such an event. He was hopeful about future collaborations and indicated more events like this would be planned. Measures were taken to ensure the event ran smoothly, including setting up a drive-through route, coordinating with the local neighborhood, and training fraternity members on the correct procedures.

The event served 150 families within the community. Kolby described the event as successful and believed it had a positive impact on the community. This reflects the fraternity's commitment to addressing food insecurity, a prevalent issue in many communities.

The partnership with the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia was key to the event's success. The Food Bank provides food assistance to those in need, making it a vital resource in the fight against food insecurity. This collaboration underscores the fraternity's commitment to their community.

For more information about the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, visit their website. This event demonstrates how organizations can work together to address social issues. The fraternity's efforts have raised awareness about food insecurity and provided assistance to families in need.

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