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Winterville nurse receives St. Mary's Daisy Award

By Mark Ralston

David Wright, a registered nurse who provides patient care as part of the nursing float pool at St. Mary’s Hospital, has received St. Mary’s systemwide DAISY Award for Nursing Excellence.

Wright was nominated by the mother of an adult patient with multiple chronic conditions who required extraordinary care, including maintaining a feeding tube the young man needs 24/7 because his sugar levels can drop dangerously fast.

“David was not only aware of this possibility, but closely monitored him,” the mother wrote in Wright’s nomination. “Then, this Mom’s worst nightmare began! [My son’s] feeding tube began to leak!”

Not only was the son not getting the nutrition he needed, the tube’s contents were leaking onto his skin, creating a dangerous and unsterile situation. Wright rushed to their aid, working diligently to create a temporary fix that would keep him nourished and safe until a permanent solution could be implemented.

The mom cited several other situations in which Wright delivered exceptional care; the DAISY Award Committee loved that she ended with this one: “When David brings a cup of water to a patient, he always puts a little paper umbrella in the cup. A little thing can make a big difference. ‘A merry heart does good like medicine’ (quote from the Bible). That little umbrella always brings a smile. That’s good medicine!”

“We are extremely proud of David and all of our DAISY Award recipients,” said Ann Gomes, St. Mary’s DAISY Award Committee coordinator and director of orthopedics at St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens. “This award demonstrates the vital role nurses play not only as care providers at the bedside, but with families and colleagues as well. Congratulations, David!”

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Congratulations. Thanks for all you do!

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