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Woman claims $20k robbery at Athens Gardens

By Joe Johnson

A 26-year-old Rolling Ridge resident reported that armed robbers stole $20,000 from her Monday afternoon at the Athens Gardens apartment complex off Lexington Road, Athens-Clarke County police said.

However, the woman had inconsistencies in her story that cast doubt on how much was stolen and how the incident transpired, Capt. Jerry Saulters, commanding officer of the Athens-Clarke police Criminal Investigations Division said the day after the incident.

On Thursday police Public Information Officer Geof Gilland said that detectives determined that “the $20,000 amount is not accurate.”

He added, “Detectives continue to investigate the incident to determine how much cash was actually stolen.”

According to Gilland, the victim “indicted that three suspects armed with guns stole money and undisclosed other items.”

Police asked that anyone with information contact Detective Sean McCauley at (706) 613-3330, ext. 312. or michael.mccauley

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