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Young man shot when gunfire erupts at Athens student housing complex

The pool area at The Retreat on Milledge where a man was injured by gunfire

By Joe Johnson

young man was injured by gunfire early Wednesday during a shooting at an unauthorized pool party at an Athens student housing complex.

The illegal gathering reportedly had been organized through a social media app, which police said has become an increasing problem in town that needs to be addressed.

A parent whose daughter lives at the complex said that about 50 people attended the illegal gathering, and that upon returning home from work she noticed that the pool's gate, which should have been locked at 10 p.m. was open open, and she saw no security presence.

According to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, the shooting happened minutes after midnight at the Retreat on Milledge complex, 2555 S. Milledge Ave.

While officers were conducting interviews and collecting spent shell casings and other evidence at the scene, a 20-year-old Athens man who did not live at the complex arrived at the hospital with a gunshot wound to his foot that he received at the pool party.

The shooting might have involved a gunfight, as police said that shell casings from three different caliber bullets were recovered.

The residents of one unit reportedly told police that after hearing gunshots an unknown black male ran into their apartment screaming that he had been jumped, and then fled when he apparently realized that he did not know the people there. Police said that the male was described as bleeding from his hands and was wearing a blue hoodie and had long dreadlocks.

Those same residents also told police that they saw another black male who wore a bright blue hoodie and also had long dreadlocks, and had a gun.

In a police report about the incident, an officer noted that illegal pool parties are on the rise in Athens:

“There have been an increased number of large groups of youths partying at various pools across the county, where they do not reside. His incident seems to have stemmed from one of these gatherings.

“One subject on scene told an officer that there is an app where these meetups are planned. Another subject tokd me on a previous scene that they are also being planned/spread via Instagram.” Landmark Properties, the development and maagement company of the complex issued this letter to tenants:

"Today May 31st, there was an incident on our property at our pool area. The Retreat on Milledge management team is working with local authorities in their investigation by turning over video surveillance and facilitating any other requests.

"While there is an active police investigation ongoing, we believe this to be an isolated incident involving a domestic disturbance. Management will continue to aassist law enforcement in their ongoing investigation into this inbcident.

"If you have information that may help this investigation please email/call (the) Athens-Clarke County Police Department.

The Retreat on Milledge has a zero tolerance policy for criminal activity on property, and will continue to coordinate with local law enforcement on this incident and in the future to prevent incidents on property. Should we need to provide an update that would potetially impact the whole community we will update you accordingly."

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Yet ANOTHER successful recruiting story from Athens to attract students for UGA, as well as businesses or tourism.

It’s heartwarming stories like this that make people fall in love with Athens! Well done, district attorney Gonzalez Mayor Girtz!!!

Me gusta
Contestando a

And why shouldn’t it be busy with the wrong type of people (the criminal elemen)? The words got through from a 70 mile radius, from all the way to the west side of Atlanta to parts of Augusta and Rockdale that Athens Clarke County is a wide open city where nobody gets prosecuted for anything!

Thank not only DA Gonzales but the VOTERS that put her in…AND will again!!!

Me gusta

And the after-party mess to be cleaned up.

Me gusta
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