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Classic City News could use your support

Updated: Mar 19

Dear Friends,

If you have in appreciated the news and other content that Classic City News has been providing for free on a daily basis since I founded it in May 2019, please consider either becoming a monthly donor or making a one-time contribution to CCN.

I make this appeal now because in addition to the major ongoing expenses related to my serious medical issues, Dawn recently and totally unexpectedly found herself unemployed when her position was eliminated from corporate restructuring.

As Dawn tries to find new full-time employment, the only income our family has is from part-time gigs that she has taken on plus my Social Security disability checks.

We are living in poverty as we try to maintain our home for at least as long as Abigail finishes school.

Any donations that might help see us through this rough patch would be deeply appreciated.

However you choose to help can be done through PayPal by following the link down below to where you will find a gold DONATE button.

I thank you on my family’s behalf, and look forward to continuing to provide the local journalism that I’ve offered to the community for over two decades.


Joe Johnson

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Ukjent medlem
25. feb.

Please drop the non-news items. All that’s available at many clickbait sites. I made a donation. Thanks for the news

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