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Athens street gang member sentenced to prison for drive-by shooting and student housing beat-down

Updated: Jun 7

Kobe Watkins

By Joe Johnson

An Athens gangster recently was sentenced to prison in connection with separate 2023 street gang-violence cases.

Kobe Watkins, a 20-year-old member of the Red Tape Gang (RTG) had participated in a group beating of a rival gang member during an illegal pool party at The Retreat on Milledge, which largely caters to University of Georgia students. Two people were injured by gunfire during the incident.

Watkins also was involved in a drive-by shooting that targeted the home of the same victim, who belongs to the Everybody Eats (EBE) gang.

RTG and EBE have been involved in a deadly rivalry that in recent years has claimed the lives of two gangsters and an innocent, 3- year-old bystander.

Watkins’ two cases were combined for the purposes of a plea agreement with the Western Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office.

In accordance with the plea deal, a Superior Court judge ordered Watkins to serve 5 years in prison and 15 years on probation.

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Life is cheap in Athens. My heart breaks for the parents of the 3 year old child.

5 years! He’ll serve 2 and get out to wreak havoc again!


This isn’t the same gang member that murdered the 3 year old. That trial hasn’t started and will probably not start this year.



Proofreading is your friend. I don't think his name is Kobe Bryant.


You’re right, it’s not.

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