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Beer to be sold this fall at Sanford Stadium

The University of Georgia will soon be opening up beer sales at Sanford Stadium to all football fans of legal drinking age.

Athletic director Josh Brooks announced the news at Wednesday’s meeting of the school’s athletic board. The move comes five years after the SEC lifted its ban on alcohol sales at conference events.

Georgia and Auburn were the final two SEC schools to not sell beer to the general public at football games. Auburn has not formally announced whether it will do so this fall but has been slowly moving in that direction.

Georgia already sells beer at basketball and baseball games, and alcohol has been available in premium areas of Sanford Stadium.

Brooks noted that Georgia wanted to wait until the completion of construction in its stadium, which is set to be done in August.

The athletic director explained that beer would not be sold following the end of each game's third quarter. Patrons will be allowed to purchase a maximum of two beers at a time. All servers will have proper training, he said.

Georgia’s first home game comes against Tennessee Tech on Sept. 7. The 2024 home schedule also includes Auburn, Mississippi State, Tennessee, UMass and Georgia Tech.

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A new cash cow for the court system.

Me gusta

I wonder if this will help UGA produce any graduates who are actually willing to work more than 25 hours per week. Maybe...

Me gusta
Contestando a

If a job can be done in less than 40 hours a week, why should people have to sit at a desk longer than necessary? It makes zero sense. I can do my job in 15 hours a week, but yet, I’m wasting time sitting here because that’s the status quo some boomers made up. Quality over quantity, always.

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