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Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities Department Announces Availability of Annual Water Quality Rep

The Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities Department (PUD) is pleased to announce the availability of the Drinking Water Quality Report, also known as the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). This report provides comprehensive details on the local drinking water quality throughout 2023. It serves as a testament to PUD’s commitment to transparency and the health of our residents by assuring them that our water is safe to drink directly from the faucet.

In 2023, over 5 billion gallons of water were delivered throughout Athens-Clarke County and our team of water professionals were there every day to perform extensive water quality testing. The certified water operators and lab technicians conducted over 9,000 tests in the lab and over 97,000 tests during the treatment process to ensure compliance with the strict standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD). The Drinking Water Quality Report provides customers with a comprehensive display of test results for substances found in the water. If a substance does not appear in the results table, it means the PUD did not detect it in the water.

“We understand the importance of transparency regarding our residents’ drinking water,” said Hollis Terry, Director of the PUD. “The Drinking Water Quality Report reflects the dedication of our entire department to meet or surpass all state and federal drinking water standards. We are proud of the highly trained maintenance mechanics, lab technicians, and operators who keep the treatment system running smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And we are even prouder of the safe drinking water we produce for the health and well-being of all Athenians.”

Not only do we deliver an outstanding product to your taps, the J.G. Beacham Drinking Water Treatment Plant received the 2024 Best Operated Plant of the Year award from the Georgia Association of Water Professionals in the Surface Water 25 million gallons per day (MGD) – 49.99 MGD category. This recognition further demonstrates our team’s commitment to providing clean drinking water to our community.

To make the document easily accessible, PUD is mailing customers a report summary. The full report is available on the utility website at If a customer does not receive the summary or desires a hard copy, they can obtain one at 124 E. Hancock Ave. We urge all residents to stay informed about their drinking water quality and trust in our unwavering commitment to providing clean and safe water.

For more information about the 2024 Drinking Water Quality Report or questions regarding the water provided by Athens-Clarke County, please call Jackie Sherry at (762) 400-6739. 

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