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Congressional redistricting could result in 'real' representation for Athenians

There is a transportation bill in Congress making available $138 million for Georgia projects upon request by our U.S. representatives. The 9th and 10th districts, however, will not be receiving funding for roads, bridges and other projects our districts need because U.S. Reps Andrew Clyde and Jody Hice have not and do not intend make a request. When asked why, their response has been “No Comment”.

This is just another example of how Reps. Clyde and Hice do not have our interests or backs as they draw their $174,000 plus expenses tax-payer paid salaries. They seem to think that their primary directive is to spread and support whatever conspiracy that Marjorie Taylor Greene and her far-right radicals dream up. Sadly, due to the way district lines are drawn, they are both safe and are free to not pay attention to the needs of our districts. So far those running to replace Hice are demonstrating they plan to continue this legacy.

As you age waiting for an internet connection, drive over potholes, maneuver unfinished projects and suspect bridges, think about the representation you are getting. The re-drawing of district lines are underway and we will have an opportunity to speak up and push for competitive districts versus safe districts, granting us real representation. Be on the lookout for details for the July 7 redistricting public hearing for our area. Participate in these hearings and when you hit a pothole, think about Hice and Clyde.

Jacqueline Elsner Athens

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