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DUI arrests made, citations issued by police at New Year’s Eve checkpoints in Athens

Impaired drivers were removed from Athens roadways on New Year's Eve by police officers at checkpoints that had been set up at three locations.

According to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, the officers made five DUI arrests and issued 36 citations, which included 14 seatbelt and four child restraint citations.

“Not only were unsafe drivers taken off the roadway, but officers had over 1,000 positive contacts with motorists and educated them on safe driving," said Sgt. Vincent Schill, a Traffic Unit supervisor and an organizer of the checkpoint.

"Through proactive education, strategic enforcement, and community engagement, the ACCPD aims to reduce crashes, promote responsible driving behavior, and ultimately create safe roadways for those who live in and visit Athens," he said.

Checkpoints were established on Cherokee Road at Sattergield Park, where 703 vehicles were checked; Epps Bridge Parkway at Epps Bridge, where 210 vehicles were checked; and South Lumpkin Street at Wray Street, where 138 vehicles were checked.

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