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Dylan Raiola's Final Message to Kirby Smart After Flipping from to Nebraska


Dylan Raiola shocked the college football world when he flipped his commitment from Georgia to Nebraska.

The five-star quarterback is one of the top overall recruits in the 2024 cycle. He had been committed to Georgia since May, but had a last-minute change of heart and decided to flip his commitment to Nebraska a day before National Signing Day.

Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs rarely, if ever, lose out on top-rated recruits like Raiola, especially after they've already committed to the Dawgs. The bottom line is Raiola's flip is a huge loss for the future of the Georgia football program.

On Wednesday night, Raiola shared one final message for Smart and the Bulldogs. He says he has nothing but respect for the two-time national champion head coach. But in the end, Raiola had to follow his heart and choose Nebraska.

“I’ve nothing but respect for Coach Smart and his program," Raiola said. "I really like the coaches up there, but you know, Nebraska has just been in my blood.”

Raiola is expected to turn the Nebraska football program around and return it to its glory days. Many have tried over the past two decades, but few have succeeded.

Meanwhile, Georgia should be in good shape for next season as Carson Beck has announced that he's returning for his senior season. The SEC star led Georgia to a 12-0 regular season before falling to Alabama in the SEC title game.

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This is a regular tale now sadly. I think the NCAA needs to change something. My dad taught me that to 'commit' to something was a promise. And a promise was meant to be kept. What are we teaching our young men when they see such flagrant dishonesty by their heros? Take the whole thing away. Call 'em the Coca-Cola Bulldogs who play at Sanford Stadium. Not much is left of this team that represents the University of Georgia except their parking passes. If the athletes want a college education while they are in town, apply and try to fit your classes into your practice schedule. My joy from college football is ending rapidly.

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