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Experience Wiggley Field dog park in Athens

Wiggley Field is a renowned pet park designed for the freedom, fun, and interaction of your furry friends. With a substantial rating to its credit, it is reputably known to be one of the best pet-friendly zones within the community.

Located at 325 Whit Davis Rd it is open for your pets from Tuesday to Monday, between 7 AM and 9 PM, making it a reliable choice for working pet parents who need to keep their pets active and entertained.

From the feedback gathered, the major strengths of Wiggley Field includes;

  • The park's substantial size that allows unpaid, open playing and interaction between dogs

  • The park's well-designed walkways regarded as convenient, along with the addition of trash cans spread across the park

  • The warm relationships and camaraderie observed amongst the regular visitors of the park

  • The space it avails for extensive running and exhilarating dog activities, including tall grass areas for added adventure.

The park can improve on the issue of cleanliness as indicated by multiple complaints about pet owners failing to pick up after their dogs.

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