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NeSmith announces candidacy for re-election to ACC Commission District 6

Athens-Clake County Commissioner Jerry NeSmith recently announced that he is running for re-election to represent District 6, the western-most district of the county. The non-partisan election is scheduled for May 19.

“The Sixth District has become more economically stable. We are at the threshold of a renewed Sixth District that is ripe for commercial re-development. Neighborhoods in District 6 remain very healthy, overall, with active citizen participation in business/neighborhood issues, county activities and policy-making," NeSmith said

“It is time for ACC’s government to balance the budget while lowering the property tax millage rate," the commissioner added. "It is also time for ACC to favor local and small businesses in its procurement processes. We will be spending over $300 ,illion in the next 11 years on SPLOST 2020 projects alone. We need for that money to benefit local businesses and our economy as much as possible."

Ne Smith pledged himself to“continuing to facilitate "creating collaborative alliances among business and neighborhood leaders—coalitions that inform my actions and speak with a unified voice.” said Jerry.

NeSmith was elected to the ACC commission in 2012 and ran unopposed in 2016. NeSmith was appointed to the ACC Planning Commission in 2003 until his election in 2012. He was a founding Director and co-principal and Treasurer of the Athens Farmers Market, LLC, from its inception in 2007, resigning after his first election. He now represents ACC on the Board of Advantage Behavioral Health Systems, is an active advocate for the Athens-Ben Epps Airport Authority, the Oconee Greenway Rivers Corridor Commission and is a member of the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement. He retired as director of IT for research at UGA in 2018.

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