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Local Artist Spotlight: Erik Hogan

Ben Burton Park in Moonlight

Erik Hogan is a photographer who primarily shoots landscape, wilderness, and nature scenes in the Athens area.

A donkey in the woods off Robert Hardeman Road
The Veil: A lower falls at Brasstown Falls in the Sumter National Forest, SC.
Bloodroot Blooms: Blooming bloodroot in front of a small stream at the State Botanical Gardens of Georgia
Moonset and Daffodil- The setting full 'Worm' moon in front of a blooming daffodil at a location off of Nowhere Road
Dodd Creek Lower Falls: Dodd Creek in the Chattahoochee National Forest

Instagram- @erikhoganphotography: Erik's sketchbook that includes a look behind the scenes, with an option to purchase a limited number of prints through the link in his bio. htttps://

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