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Mare gives rare birth to twin foals at UGA vet hospital


A Blue Roan Mare shocked her owner and the University of Georgia’s Veterinary Hospitalstaff after giving birth to twins on Monday - a rarity for horses. 

“It was an ‘Oh My God’ moment for everybody,” explained the horse named Tilly’s owner, Melissa Jarvis, adding later, “We were only expecting one."

Only Tilly knew she was carrying two foals. 

Jarvis and UGA Veterinary Hospital Dr. Robyn Ellerbrock said a second foal was never identified during any of Tilly’s prenatal exams.

While Tilly was considered ‘high risk’ due to complications during a previous pregnancy where she lost a foal, the team kept a close eye on her throughout this pregnancy.

It was about two weeks ago; Jarvis noticed some changes in Tilly and thought it was time she took her to UGA’s Veterinary Hospital to be monitored more closely.

“We have around-the-clock monitoring for pregnancies that we’re worried about,” Ellerbrock said. 

When Monday came, Ellerbrock said Tilly started going into labor, which, unlike humans, is a fast process for horses.

“From the time they show signs of labor to the baby being out is fifteen to twenty minutes, thirty minutes at the most,” she said. 

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