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Meth trafficker with child in car arrested in Oglethorpe County

Drug trafficker’s car that was seized by the Oglethorpe County Sheriff’s Office

By Joe Johnson

A woman was arrested for drug trafficking and child endangerment in connection after she was stopped for a traffic violation methamphetamine was found in her car in which her juvenile children were passengers, according to the Oglethorpe County Georgia Sheriff’s Office.

The agency said on its Facebook page that deputies conducted a traffic stop on Stephens Salem Road at about 12:40 a.m. Monday, and while

the deputy was writing citations a K-9 unit arrived and did an exterior sweep of the car.

When the dog indicated a positive alert on the vehicle, deputies searched it and found a trafficking-amount of methamphetamine.

The car and drugs were seized and the 41-year-old woman was arrested for trafficking methamphetamine and child endangerment.

It was noted that the woman had been free on bond while awaiting trial in connection with a drug trafficking arrest from last year.

The OCSO did not identify the woman in the Facebook post.

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Bonded out to push meth again! Oh my word. My money is on the fact that she's addicted herself and moving the drugs to satisfy her own needs and to stay close to some bigger dealer who belongs under the jail. Go get 'em Ogelthorpe County!


And she's already bonded out to reoffend again. Poor kids, I hope someone other than this "mother" has them and they are safe.


The Oglethorpe County sheriff seems to have found the Meth-main-line.

This is the Third notable bust in the last few weeks.

Good work!

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