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New playground at Sandy Creek Park to be dedicated

The Leisure Services Department will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony for a newly completed playground at Sandy Creek Park located at 400 Bob Holman Road

This event is scheduled for Wednesday, July 3 at 10 a.m.  Families are encouraged to attend.

Admission will be free for children 12 and younger.

The playground is located near the park’s beach and is designed to remove barriers allowing opportunities for children of all ages and abilities. The playground has a turf carpet mat throughout, misting station for cooling off at the entrance of the playground, and a perimeter fence with benches to help guardians keep an eye on their child. 

Several highlights of the playground include:

• A roller slide that does not create static that can damage cochlear implants.

• Augmentative and alternative communication adjacent boards for non-verbal communication. 

• Ramps parallel to balance beams for parallel play throughout the playground.

• A hill with an embedded slide for optional play and a  ground level spinner adjacent to the swings to allow play without requiring a transfer from a mobility device. .

• Signage in Braille and communication boards featuring American Sign Language.

• A “quiet corner” sensory space for winding down away from the playground but within the playground perimeter fence. 

• Rocking boat feature designed to accommodate people who utilize a mobility device.

This project is part of a SPLOST 2011 Project 14 Sandy Creek Park Renovation for Leisure Services. The project’s User Group worked closely with citizens and SPLOST staff to bring this project to fruition. 

For more information call 706-613-3631.

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Amazing. All kids deserve the opportunity to use a playground.

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