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NFL tight end great effusive in praise of Oakland Raiders rookie Brock Bowers, a former Bulldog

In this year’s pre-draft discourse, Georgia’s Brock Bowers was a prospect who received praise as one of the top offensive weapons in this class. The only real knock on his game was the value of the position he lines up in, which will likely not matter in a few years when he’s considered a franchise piece for the Las Vegas Raiders

Most recently, former standout tight end Greg Olsen — one of the founders of Tight End University “TEU”— had nothing but praise for the No. 13 overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft while appearing on The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

“I think if he would’ve been able to come out the previous draft, I think you’re talking like a top-five-to-seven pick,” said Olsen. “He might be the best college tight end that I’ve ever really seen.”

Broadcaster Greg Olsen is a retired three-time NFL Po Bowler

As a top 10 tight end in receptions (742), receiving yards (8,683), and receiving touchdowns (60) through 14 seasons in the NFL, Greg Olsen has an eye for success at the tight end position. Not only did he have an exceptional career as a pro himself, but as a mentor at TEU, all he does is help the active tight ends perfect their craft.

In his 40 games for the Georgia Bulldogs, Bowers combined for 175 receptions, 2,538 total yards, and 26 combined touchdowns, earning him the John Mackey Award in 2022 and 2023 and being voted a 2023 Consensus All-American. It’s safe to say he’s one of the top tight-end prospects coming out of college in recent years, and Greg Olsen did nothing but confirm that with his praise on The Herd.

Brock Bowers everyone.

There wasn’t much of a debate on whether Brock Bowers would be good in the NFL, but with the praise Olsen showered him with, the expectations are sky-high.

While Bowers was drafted to a team that’s still building their way up, his level of play will require defensive coordinators to spend hours upon hours each week figuring out how to stop him on Sunday. Bowers is a 6-foot-3, 243-pound Swiss Army Knife of a weapon that can find success on the football field in more ways than one.

Following Las Vegas’ selection last year of Michael Mayer, there was a bit of surprise from the NFL Draft community on why the Raiders would double-dip on tight ends so early in the NFL Draft. Well, Olsen hits on that as well.

He’s really impressive,” said Olsen. “I think [Las Vegas] got a steal with him, and I think the combination between him and the young guy from Notre Dame, Mayer, they’ve got two young tight ends they can build around for a long time out there in Vegas.”

Between Brock Bowers— a more dynamic after-the-catch tight end— and Mayer—a big-bodied menace to deal with— the Raiders are building an offense that can run through these two tight ends. Alongside the young tight end duo, Las Vegas has another option in Davante Adams, who consistently puts up 1,000-yard seasons.

Quarterback play could be an obstacle for these pass-catchers, but with the addition of Gardner Minshew in the off-season, he’s more than capable of getting the ball in the hands of these playmakers.

The Las Vegas Raiders might not be ready to be in conversations of being a top offense in the AFC, but if Bowers develops the way many anticipate he will, it’s safe to say the Raiders might be cooking something special in Las Vegas.

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