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Oglethorpe County sheriff boasts record year for drug seizures

Oglethorpe County Georgia Sheriff's Office drug seizures

By Joe Johnson

Oglethorpe County Sheriff David Gabriel recently went on Facebook to publicize how his office has seized large amounts of methamphetamine and other narcotics to break a county record for drug seizures.

Gabriel on Monday posted on the social media platform that "deputies have seized pounds and pounds of drugs and the right people have gone to jail for it," and that the county has seen a corresponding "steep drop-off in overdoses and deaths."

The sheriff noted that just in the past week a traffic stop led to the search of a former Oglethorpe resident's home in Athens where 58 pounds of methamphetamine, along with cocaine and pain pills were seized.

And on Monday, "we had two incidents stemming from traffic stops where a large amount of drugs were recovered to include meth and ecstasy," Gabriel said, adding that in both incidents suspects were arrested and charged with trafficking-level crimes.

"Basically our deputies are doing an outstanding job in drug investigations and anyone who says otherwise simply don’t know what they are talking about," the sheriff posted. "So I say again GREATJOB and keep up the good work. You are appreciated for all that you do for our county.

"If you are dealing drugs, please take this as a warning. Oglethorpe is not the place for you.

If you are using drugs, take this as a wake up call and get some help. "

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Good job Oglethorpe County Police!

Get that scum off the street and off to prison.


How is a drug bust a wake up call for an addict? Is the sheriff offering or guiding addicts to places they can receive help? Private treatment isn’t accessible to a majority of addicts.

Also, this just means more people will come to Athens and overdose here. Busting drug dealers doesn’t cure addiction.

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