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Police in Athens made two arrests, issued over a dozen citations at vehicle checkpoints

File photo courtesy of ACCPD

Press release issued by the Athens-Clarke County Police Department:

On March 19, 2024, the ACCPD Traffic Unit conducted two vehicle checkpoints in Athens-Clarke County to ensure safe driving. Uniform Patrol Officers and a Tactical Dispatch Team / Mobile Command Vehicle provided additional help. No outside agencies assisted in this checkpoint. During the checkpoint, citizens were issued pamphlets on Pedestrian Laws. This checkpoint was advertised on social media, and articles appeared in local media. No media outlets attended the briefing or checkpoint.

The following locations and activities were conducted:

Mitchell Bridge Rd @ River Ridge Drive from 8:45 am to 11:30 am 1,136 Vehicles Checked

1 – Seatbelt Citation

5 – Registration Citations

2 – Registration Warnings

1 – Window Tint Violation Citation

1 – Driving Outside of License Restrictions Citation 1 – Improper Display of Tag Citation

1 – No License on Person Warning

6 – No Valid License Citations

1 – Expired License Citations

Danielsville Rd @ Smokey Rd: 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm 662 Vehicles Checked

2 – Arrest for Driving While License Suspended

20 – Window Tint Violation Citations

3 – Child Safety Restraint Violation Citations 2 – Seatbelt Violation Citations

3 – No License on Person Citations

1 – No License on Person Warning

1 – Distracted Driving Citation 2 – Registration Citations

1 – Expired License Citation

1 – No Valid License Citation

Submitted by Sergeant Vincent Schill, ACCPD Traffic Unit, March 20, 2024

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If you're not breaking any laws, this shouldn't be a problem.


Instead of handing out pedestrian pamphlets they need to hang out at the many areas of Athens where people are constantly jaywalking in dangerous locations.


They just needed a bump in revenue. How about doing a sting on all these gangs. How about setting up and going after all the drugs. How about directing all this energy towards something that makes it comfortable for decent citizens to be out with their families without the the fear of getting shot or robbed


Mar 21

So how do they decide who gets a warning and who gets a citation for not having their license on them? Seems dumb that not everyone got the same treatment.


Whatever fines that will be paid are a "dumbass tax."

Replying to

Considering those fines won’t begin to cover the cost of these roadblocks, I’d say the taxpayers are the ‘dumbasses’ for not revolting against roadblocks in the first place.

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