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Prisoner quickly captured after fleeing while naked from deputy's custody in Athens Hospital

By Joe Johnson

A prisoner recently escaped while naked from Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center where he had been in the custody of a county sheriff’s deputy, according to police department and sheriff’s office reports,

20-year-old Angelo Nathaniel McFalls of Lawrenceville had been incarcerated at the Clarke County Jail for a felony probation violation that pertained to an April 2022 robbery conviction.

On the afternoon of May 27 McFall was transported from the jail to the hospital on Prince Avenue for treatment of an undiscloded medicsl issue, according to reports.

“After going through the initial intake process, (McFall) was dressed out into a hospital gown," said Clarke County Sheriff John Q. Williams. “While he was being removed from restraints to provide a urine sample he was able to push Sergeant (Sharlene) Questelles and run towards the room door. She grabbed him by the gown but he wiggled free by working his way out of the gown, and ran naked down the hall and eventually out of the hospital as Sgt. L Questelles and staff pursued him. It was around 4:06 p.m. at that time and dispatch began receiving 911 calls reporting a male running naked on Prince Avenue.”

An Athens-Clarke County police report indicates that McFall was quickly located by a patrol officer as the naked escapee was being chased on Nacoochee Avenue by the hospital employee.

The prisoner sat on a curb upon seeung the officer’s patrol car, according to the police report, which noted that McFall offered no resistance when being arrested under the threat of being tasered.

McFall was subsequently booked into the jaik on felony escape, obstruction, and probation violation charges.

He was denied bail during a hearing before a Magistrate Court judge.

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I’m sure many in our local government, to include the commissioners, as well as the bleeding hearts and artists will look at his running naked down the street as his rightful freedom of true expression and probably give him the keys to the city and making a folk hero. There will be no punishment. On the contrary.

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Unknown member
03. Juni 2023
Antwort an

I'm an artist... Fuck this POS. I hope he rots in prison.

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