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Bulldogs were robbed of a CFP spot

By David Ettinger/FanSided

Now that the dust has settled on the College Football Playoff selections, it’s time to truly understand what transpired. The nation was robbed. The SEC was robbed. But, most unfortunately, the Georgia Bulldogs were robbed. Just about everyone who has a platform and a microphone has been crying fake tears for the Florida State Seminoles this past week. And yes, in a normal year, the undefeated, ACC Champion should be a lock for a spot in a four-team playoff, but this hasn’t been a normal year. Not only did the College Football Playoff Committee have six legitimate contenders to vie for a national championship, but they had to factor injuries to potential Heisman candidates into their decisions as well.

I did not envy the CFP Committee this year

But that doesn’t mean they should have gotten their decision so wildly wrong; which they so obviously did. The goal of the CFP Committee should be to select the four best teams in the nation in order to put the best product on the field. In turn, the TV ratings take care of themselves. So, while everyone wants to pretend they want to watch the Brock Glenn led Seminoles lose to the Michigan Wolverines by 47, they’ve missed the real highway robbery here:

The Georgia Bulldogs are one of the four best teams in the nation, the Washington Huskies are not

The Washington Huskies play in a weak, overrated Pac-12 Conference. Narrowly escaping with two wins over a flawed Oregon Ducks’ team shouldn’t punch anyone’s ticket to the CFP. However, beating four, top-20 SEC teams (none of these games were competitive) and losing to the Crimson Tide in the SEC Championship by three points should provide a standing invitation for the Bulldogs to the CFP. And if the Committee is going to set the precedent of leaving undefeated, Power 5 Conference Champions at home, they shouldn’t have stopped with the Seminoles.

Were the Georgia Bulldogs robbed of a College Football Playoff spot?

See, the real crime isn’t that the Bulldogs finished this season with a loss — it’s when they lost. If the Bulldogs lone loss of the season came at the hands of the #8 Alabama Crimson Tide in Week 5, they’d have dropped from #1 to #4, not #6. You know it. I know it. The Committee knows it. But, they took the easy way out. Think about it. The Committee can deal with the backlash of leaving the Seminoles at home. All they have to do is point to Jordan Travis’ gruesome injury. But putting the the one-loss Bulldogs, one-loss Crimson Tide, and one-loss Texas Longhorns in, and leaving two, undefeated, Power 5 Conference Champions at home….well, let’s just say, they didn’t want that smoke.

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