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Woman injured when car shot at in west Athens neighborhood

Street signs mark the intersection where a woman was injured by gunfire Wednesday afternoon

By Joe Johnson

A 63-year-old woman reportedly was injured Wednesday afternoon when someone shot at her car in a westside neighborhood and she was cut by shattered glass.

According to an Athens-Clarke County police report, communication officers at about 1:26 p.m. received multiple 911 calls from people who reported hearing gunshots in the area of Paris Street and Campbell Lane and that a woman in a Honda might have been hit.

The first responding officer was met by a group of people who were standing in the street and pointing at the victim, a woman who resided on Cone Drive on the east side of Athens, according to the report.

The woman related that she was sitting in the vehicle’s passenger seat when she heard what she thought was a vehicle backfiring, the officer wrote in the report, “then she stated a second shot hit her windshield causing glass to fly into the cab of the car.”

The victim told the officer that after the shooting, she saw a black pickup truck driving away on Paris Street, according to the report, which noted that two shell casings were recovered at the corner of Paris Street and Campbell Lane and the jacket from a round was found just in front of the damaged vehicle.

The woman’s face was cut from flying glass and she had a large cut on her thumb that was treated at the scene by National EMS personnel.

The report noted that the victim had a history of arrests for drugs and theft, but did not offer a possible motive for the shooting.

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Sounds like this OG old school 63 year old lady was the target of some payback!!! Play with fire, Granny, and you get burned!!!

Or maybe the shooting was a result of peoples frustration after being locked down for Covid? Or maybe the police are to blame for simply just existing in this town? If that’s the case, not to worry, Ms Parker and her crew are working on dismantling the police. Once they’re gone then order will be naturally restored and people will simply start behaving. it’s the cops that bring out the worst in people!!

Replying to

Why did they call the police? This is clearly social work! Stay in your lane Popo!

Bet she bought drugs on credit and missed a payment because of Covid. Anyone drive a black pickup at the school 2 blocks away?

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