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Word of the day: Duende



Part of speech: noun

1.A quality of passion and inspiration.

2.(In the folklore of Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and the Philippines) A supernatural being or spirit resembling a pixie or imp.


Spanish, late 19th century

Examples of duende in a sentence

"The duende behind his sculptures comes from nature."

"The song lit duende in her like a bright flame."

About Duende

The second definition comes from a contracted version of the Spanish phrase "dueño de casa," or "owner of the house."

Did you Know?

The duende, a mythological figure in Hispanic, Latino, and Filipino lore, is a mischievous figure who lives in people's houses — similar to the European brownie. The original name of the spirit in Spanish was "dueño de casa," which was eventually abbreviated to "duende." That full name means "the master of the house," signaling trouble for the unfortunate homeowner harboring one of these pesky creatures.

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