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Athenians hold vigil for immigrant detentions

By Amanda Whitsel

The Lights for Liberty- Athens Vigil took place Friday evening of at the UGA Arch on East Broad Street,Broad Street, bringing together many residents from the Athens area otested the inhumane detention of

Protesters against Trump's immigration policies gathered Friday at UGA's Arch

migrants at the southern border.

My take on the event focuses on the wonderful signs that were created by a lovely family of 5 that I had the privilege of meeting.

The crisis created by the Trump administration will only be solved when we listen to the children, all the children. For me the best moment was when we collectively laughed during the moment of silence when the protesters were not silent. Those of you who were there, please share your story with everyone you meet. We are living in an age when we believe that photographs tell a story. By the time that photograph is snapped the story has changed. We will survive this crisis by having human contact with each other, where we look into each other's eyes and seek the truth.

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