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Athens boy arrested for bringing loaded gun to school


By Joe Johnson

A13-year-old boy reportedly was arrested Friday for bringing a loaded gun to Clarke Middle School.

According to Athens-Clarke County police Lt. Shaun Barnett, the incident came to light after a teacher learned the boy was showing photos of the gun on his phone to classmates."

"The student was removed from class and a search was conducted. As a result, a .380 caliber semiautomatic pistol and ammunition was located in the student's bag," said Barnett, ACCPD's public information officer.

"A loaded magazine was inserted into the pistol, but a round was not in the chamber. There were also some loose rounds in the bag," he said.

The Department of Juvenile Justice was contacted and they advised to detain the student, who was turned over to the ACC Sheriff's Office for transport to a regional youth detention center on charges of possession of a weapon in a school safety zone and possession of a handgun by person under 18.

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Nov 15, 2022

You people are sick!

Replying to

You think a summit for gangs is a good idea? Give them a voice but not the law abiding citizens? People who have sprayed over 100 rounds randomly into houses in a single week? You think a 13 year old is still innocent and sweet or do you want to protect the other children at school? It can't be both! You think luring pre teen kids to gangs with ice cream is ok? I think THIS is sick. I think our leaders are sick AND weak! Read up about the summit idea. I didn't make this up.

You're just offended I insulted rap culture. It's time to wake up about what's killing "your" people and it ain't a white me…


If he is in a gang I'd like to invite him to the "First Annual Gang Summit"!!!

Wooh Wooh Wooh.. Hosted by K Girtz , Commish #5, and Da Chief of the Popo. You will be assigned by gang. Please wear your colors.. we don't want any confusion. We have ice cream for the little gang bangers, dance off, rap off, and, a SHOOTIN RANGE!!! Please bring your own piece and ammo. Only one gang on the range at a time. No drive bys allowed!

Who the fuck thought having a summit and recognizing criminal organizations as legitimate was a good idea? Every one of you should be fired! Including you Salter!


Unknown member
Nov 14, 2022

sChOoL tO pRiSoN PiPeLiNe!

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