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Barrow Co. landfill fire smoke will take weeks to completely clear

Smoke rises from the landfill in Barrow County that has been burning since November 16

The Barrow County Fire Department on Monday issued this notice concerning the fire that is smoldering at a landfill that is located off of Georgia Highway 11 north of Winder:

We have aggressive operations going on in conjunction with the property owners to get this pile covered in dirt. We continue to work closely with business owners, state and local officials to come up with long term solutions. We do not have a definitive timeline of when the smoke will clear, though we have seen significant improvement over the last few days. However, it will still be weeks before the smoke has completely subsided. For any of our residents that experience any medical emergencies due to the smoke in the area, we urge you to call 911.

As always, we can’t thank you enough for your patience and support while we all work diligently to remedy this situation.

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