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Clarke Middle School principal resigns

By Joe Johnson

Clarke Middle School Principal Amanda Gorham has resigned after serving just two years, the school district announced Wednesday morning.

The reason for her departure, to be effective June 30, is because Gorham “will be pursuing a new leadership opportunity at her former high school,” the district said in its brief notice.

“We will communicate next steps for Clarke Middle in the near future and will have more information to shar at that time,” the school district said.

Gorham was hired in 2018 as an associate principal at Clarke Central High School, and was appointed principal of Clarke Middle School in April 2022.

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Can you spell F.I.R.E.D.? I don't know the circumstances and I hope I'm wrong, but who leaves a good job to 'pursue' another one. I roamed CMS halls 60 years ago and I've also mentored there more recently. I know things change, but WOW! Not a place I would want my child educated, That was also the building where I was subject to the most stressful corporal punishment of my life! Sorry Mr. Chambers. Yes Sir Mr. Chambers!

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Cesspool you are right. But you don't leave to pursue a job, you leave because you have another job offer. Big difference.

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