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Congress must enact promised immigration reform legislation

Dear Editor,

Representative Mike Collins informed us he would only address three urgent and vital issues as part of one bill: desperately needed immigration law reform to stop chaos at our border, funding the defense of Ukraine against brutal and savage invasion by Russia and resources to defend Israel from murderous attacks by Hamas.

We now have the bill Representative Collins demanded: a bi-partisan bill addressing these three issues, each vital to the safety and security of our own nation.

Instead of the promised action, Representative Collins, at the behest of candidate for the presidency Donald Trump, refuses to even consider the very bill he requested.

Donald Trump does not want Congress to resolve these issues. He wants chaos at the border and continuing threats to the safety and security of Ukraine and Israel for use as issues in his campaign for the presidency. This is as craven a betrayal of our country as one can imagine.

The first and only duty of Representative Collins and of members of Congress is to protect America, to end to out-of-control conditions at our border, to enable Ukraine to defend itself from Russian aggression and to prevent the violent attacks on Israel from succeeding.

No member of Congress should allow himself to be used as a partisan political pawn.

We look to Representative Collins and all members of Congress to honor their oath of office to protect and defend our nation from its enemies, domestic and foreign, and to enact urgently this essential legislation.

Bruce Menke


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In 3 parts due to character count limitation:

Part 1 $118 Billion “Border” bill;

·         $20 Billion to for US/Mexico border

·         $73.8 Billion to Ukraine (In addition to the 200 Billion + already spent)

·         $14.1 Billion to Israel

·          $2.4 Billion to combat Houthi rebels in Yemen

·         $2.6 for munitions to Taiwan

·         $10 billion in humanitarian aid for civilians in Gaza, the West Bank, Ukraine and other nations

·         Requires the US to process at least 1,400 migrants per day; 9,800/week, 42,000/month, 511,000/year.

·         Gives the president the power to shut down the border if more than 4,000 migrants attempt to cross the border in a week; 16,000/month, 48,000/year.

Replying to

Part 3

Laws already exist to manage the border situation. The Biden administration along with Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas, the United States Secretary of Homeland Security refuses to adhere to the laws already on the books. Immediately after being placed in office Biden overturned many of the policies Trump had in place that were effectively preventing illegal immigration.

Trump and Biden both had access to the same resources and funding, yet under Biden illegal immigration in just three years has increased to over 11 million compared to 1.2 million four years under the Trump administration. Why?

Shouldn’t this $118 billion be used in the US for; hospitals, education, veterans, seniors, drug treatment and so much more that is needed in the US?


Such a mind-boggling misunderstanding of the proposed legislation. Bruce has definitely been taking his daily dose of DNC talking points.


It’s funny how we always have money to fund wars, genocide & murder. Never have enough to fund healthcare, education, homelessness, poverty, etc. Collins is part of the problem like most of our representatives.

Replying to

You know if we didn’t send money to Israel for genocide, we wouldn’t need so many nonprofits to fill in the gaps of those that pay zero taxes on their billions.

And education IS NOT available to everyone or anywhere near equal for everyone. When did you lose your humanity, lady?

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