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Drone finds armed shooting suspect hiding in Athens apartment complex

Athens -Clarke County police officer operates drone (file)

By Joe Johnson

Police in Athens last weekend used a drone to find and arrest an armed suspect from a Gwinnett County shooting incident.

Just before 2 a.m. on Sunday, the Doraville Police Department alerted police here to an armed shooting incident suspect who was believed to be on the way to his home at Rolling Ridge Apartments off Kathwood Drive.

Having been provided descriptions for 42-year-old Jorge Jaulo and his Toyota Prius, police launched a drone to scout the complex and the camera-equipped device quickly honed in on the car, with Jaulo running from it and scurrying under another vehicle, where he was found and arrested.

Doraville police officers took custody of the suspect and transported him back to Gwinnett County for the shooting investigation.

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